Digitization in Mobile Workforce Management: Overcoming 5 Barriers in Field Operations

The pandemic added a level of urgency to digitization in utilities unlike anything the industry has ever seen. And yet, for many companies, the ongoing work towards digital transformation has been anything but smooth.

Outdated systems and manual paper-based processes abound anywhere a mobile workforce is central to the job. Antiquated operations result in miscommunication, lost data, frustrating delays, revenue barriers, and unhappy customers—not to mention a tedious experience for teams in the field.

In an industry so centered on and reliant upon technology, why is the digitization of many key processes still slow to take hold in electric and gas utility field operations and mobile workforce management?

In this report, we cover some of the barriers we’ve seen firsthand as companies follow the path to streamlining and simplifying end-to-end mobile workforce management.


  • How digitization is reshaping utility field operations and bridging the gap between field and office workflows, helping companies remain competitive and support the mobile workforce

  • The top 5 obstacles utility companies face when implementing technologies meant to promote digital ways of working, including fragmented data, lack of integrations, and lack of an enterprise-wide strategy

  • How to overcome these challenges with a phased, achievable roadmap to digitization in utility field operations