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Automating Tracking and Traceability Processes: Minimizing Human Error for Better Field Outcomes

With utility industry technology digitally transforming so quickly, the pressure is on for natural gas companies to embrace new tracking and traceability tools as they are brought to market and to modernize their systems, applications, and organizations.

In the past, data collection processes on deployed natural gas assets were largely conducted manually and then keyed into central databases, a cumbersome process that was both time consuming and prone to human error. Fortunately, a new generation of hardware and software tools is advancing quickly to bring the power of digitization to gas utility company operations and mobile field personnel.

In this report, we explore how digital tracking and traceability tools are revolutionizing the natural gas utility industry and providing for easier, safer, and more efficient field operations.


  • The latest regulatory requirements affecting the natural gas industry, such as ASTM F2897, and how they drive utility companies to improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of their operational workflows

  • Why it's important for gas utility companies to invest in automated tracking and traceability technology to meet the growing geographic reach and service demands of utility company pipelines

  • Key features to look for when selecting a digitized workforce management solution, such as workflow creation and management, work scheduling, and distribution of asset map data to the field across any smartphone or mobile device